About the Journal

Journal of Political Research (JPP) Research Center for Politics BRIN is a peer-reviewed journal that aims to be a medium for exchanging ideas on strategic issues related to national, local, and international politics. It covers various themes such as democratization, general elections, conflict, regional autonomy, defense and security, foreign policy and diplomacy, the Islamic world, and other issues which have strategic concern for the Indonesian nation and state.

As a government-owned research center, Research Center for Politics BRIN currently faces new demands and challenges, both academic and practical, especially those related to regional autonomy, democracy, human rights, and Indonesia’s position in regional and international affairs. Academically, Research Center for Politics BRIN is required to produce excellent studies that can compete and become scientific references at the national and international levels. Meanwhile, morally, Research Center for Politics BRIN is required to provide direction and enlightenment for the community in order to build a new Indonesia that is rational, just, and democratic. Therefore, the orientation of the studies carried out towards policy praxis and the development of social sciences. We aim to explore new concepts and theories of political science, comparative politics, regional studies, and international relations, explaining various socio-political phenomena, whether local, national, regional, or international.